Keurig K200 vs K250 Review 2019 – What is the Better Single-Serve K-Cup Brewer?

Are you considering buying a Keurig pod coffee maker? I have two outstanding competitors. The Keurig K200 and the Keurig K250. Both are single-serve pod coffee makers with strength control and easy accessibility.

The joy of sipping hot coffee at home is beyond compare. Especially if you choose to have a coffee machine of your own at home. Buying a Keurig, in this case, is simple and effective. Because pod coffee makers are well-equipped to offer the best-tasting coffee.

Now the Keurig 2.0 K200 Brewer is a simple and efficient coffee brewer. And its upgrade the Keurig K250 Coffee Maker Brewer is powerful and versatile. There has to be some difference between the two, right? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out. So let’s begin.

Keurig K200 vs K250 – Review

But of course, the difference between Keurig K200 and K250 is in the features. And it would be wrong of me to directly compare both. Without shedding some light on what each pod coffee maker has to offer.

Keurig 2.0 K200 Coffee Brewer Review

Keurig 2.0 K200 Coffee Brewer

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This Keurig came before the Keurig K250 and Keurig K250 Plus Series. It occupies hardly any space on the kitchen counter. Even with its large 40-ounce water tank capacity. This is good for small families or while entertaining an excited group of guests. Those who love coffee won’t get enough out of this.

The Keurig K200 has 9 brew sizes compatibility. And it brews a standard-sized cup to a coffee thermos to a carafe. The water level indicator can be seen from the front. So you’ll know when it’s time to refill the reservoir.

The control panel is user-friendly and snappy. You can choose from a number of brewing sizes. And pour yourself customized cups with new flavors each time. With the ability to control the intensity of each cup, a flask, or a whole carafe.

The tallest cup to fit between the spout and drip tray is about 7-inches. The drip tray itself is removable and washable. Giving you room to fit in the tallest of flasks for on-the-go use. Overall, the black-and-white design looks stunning and strong. Cleaning it is easy and quick.

Keurig K250 Review

Keurig K250

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Remarkably, the Keurig K250 is more skilled at handling all your coffee needs. With features that go far and wide. Such as the ‘Strong Brew’ brewing option and the quick 1-minute brew time.

These features and many more speak in favor of the Keurig K250. That it’s faster, more advanced, and steadier. It excels the features of the Keurig K200 but there’s also a difference in price.

The Keurig K250 offers a water filter which is new. Even for a pod single-serve coffee maker! The water reservoir has a 40-ounce or 4-cup capacity. And the cup sizes for brewing vary according to ounces. A standard cup up to 10 ounces, a carafe up to 30 ounces, and a flask as tall as 7.2-inches.

And if you just want a cup of hot water for tea or instant coffee. The hot dispenser comes in handy. With a 2-inch touch display which lets you control everything. The descaling process, strength control, and cup sizes.

Keurig K200 vs K250 – Comparison

There is a specific way to compare two products under the same brand. And Keurig’s charm is always in the details.

1. Setup

Since Keurig is the parent of both K200 and K250. They both share the same setup process. And that is simple, quick, and efficient. You don’t need an activated code or manual tweaking to get started. It’s all in its manufacturer manual and a start-up guide.

2. Build Quality

There’s clearly no difference in the design of both Keurigs. They’re monochrome, charismatic, and durable. In fact, both coffee brewers are small and portable. The Keurig K200 features match its build quality and size. And one could say the same about the Keurig K250 features.

However, in design, there is one minor difference. Well, it may seem minor to some of you. But to me, it’s a major contributing factor in favor of the Keurig K250 Review. And that is the extra charcoal filter.

The Keurig K200 has only a single charcoal filter. Meanwhile, the Keurig 250 has two. This improves effectiveness in filtering water and keeping the coffee rich.

Rest all is the same. Including the removable drip tray, LCD touch display, and water reservoir.

3. Performance

The Keurig K200 vs K250 review is a tough cookie. I mean, both brewers share the same features. But still, why is the K250 a better predecessor?

Well, they support high altitude settings, have strength control, and indicators. They offer a variety of sizes such as K-cup, K-mug, and K-carafe. Keeping the cap on the brew sizes up to 40 ounces.

The difference between K200 vs 250 lies here. The K250 has a special feature which is the ‘Strong Brew’ feature. It’s what helps this pod maker become a powerful choice. Especially for those who want the strongest and most full-bodied cup of coffee.

Another difference is between Keurig 200 and 250 is the quick brew time. The K250 guarantees a ‘less-than-a-minute’ per cup feature. Meanwhile, the Keurig K200 is fast but it makes no such claims.

The Keurig K250 has water filtration which the K200 doesn’t. But both have auto-shutoff features which favor energy efficiency. And make both a step above the rest as the best pod coffee makers.

4. Accessories

This is the only factor that determines, for sure, which is better. And that’s the Keurig K250 and Keurig K250 Plus Series. With it, comes a pack of 4 coffee K-cup pods, a water filter handle, and water filters. That’s not all, you also get K-cup’s own descaling solution.

Keurig K200 doesn’t have such extras. Maybe that’s why it’s more affordable than the K250. When you add up the cost, it amounts to the same thing. Only you’d have to make less of an effort to buy the Keurig K250. Especially with all its exciting and tempting goodies.

Keurig K200 vs K250 – The Verdict

Even though there’s hardly any significant difference between the two. The Keurig K200 vs K250 belong in separate ranks.

The Keurig 200 is for anyone who loves coffee. It’s of value in terms of money, gives you just what you need in terms of brewing features. And it’s simple.

The Keurig K250, on the other hand, is more defined. It contributes to not just brewing coffee but brewing it exactly how you want it. Strong, quick, and consistent. Plus, it gives you the benefit of trying out 4 different coffee pods and water filtration.

As you can see, I’ve got the best Keurig K200 review and Keurig K250 review. Each coffee brewer has its own strengths and weaknesses. It all boils down to personal preference. What do you think? May the best coffee brewer win!

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