Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Reviews In 2019

Well, you must have gone through various Hamilton beach flex brew reviews. But, not every review boasts of the true form information that can allow you to purchase the Hamilton Beach 49983, Right?

Being experts in the coffee grinding industry, we have got for you an excellent review of the Hamilton Beach 49983. 

Yes, we know it’s a 2-Way coffee brewer but there is lots more happening with this coffee maker.

We know you are pretty much pumped were an exciting yet informative Hamilton beach flex brew review is on the way. 

Come along as we discover some extravagant features of Hamilton Beach 49983 without wasting even a single second.

Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Reviews: Hamilton Beach 49983


Hamilton Beach 49983

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First of all, if you are having a hard time to decide between single-cup brewer and K-Cup pods, Hamilton Beach 49983 has got the power to fulfill coffee desires.

On one side, the coffee maker boasts of a fill carafe whereas the other side is for brewing delicious cups of coffees.

Either hosting a house party or willing to make your family happy, Hamilton Beach 49983 is the perfect option.

Still not convinced? Let’s go through some fantastic features of the Hamilton Beach 49983 one by one.

The Versatility of Two Way Coffee Maker

We know you are confused about whether to go with the one-way coffee brewer or two ways. Well, if you want to make coffees which uses K-Pods or even grounds, you can easily opt for the Hamilton Beach 49983 coffee maker.

Using a two-way coffee brewer, you can gradually make different types of coffee at a much faster pace.

Brew in a Single-serve Basis or Pot

Yes! You heard it right, in this Hamilton beach flex brew reviews, the Hamilton Beach 49983 offers brewing coffee in two ways.

This coffee maker can not only make coffees just for yourself like the Hamilton Beach The Scoop coffee maker, but also fulfill the desires of your family. This coffee maker is a brilliant one.

While one side can brew one coffee at a time, the other end can make around 12 cups of coffee for every coffee fanatic.

Easily Workable with K-Cups, Soft Pods & Ground Coffees

The 2-way elegant coffee maker is capable to make coffees in three unique ways. It offers a basket that makes use of traditional coffee filters to make your wishful coffee.

Also, with the inclusion of tray for individual servings, you can serve almost every type of coffee within minutes.

To be precise, the coffee pods come into the single-serve section while the other insert is solely for the K-Cups.

Programmable at its best

In an era of digitization, the Hamilton Beach 49983 has lived up to the expectations. It offers full control over the coffee brewing process where you can use easy menus for programming.

For instance, you can choose your suitable timer and select from a really bold coffee to a mild one. 

Also, the coffee maker allows you to schedule coffee making where you can set the program and while waking up get hot coffees right on the table.

Easy to Clean

Indeed, we have reviewed tons of coffee makers under $100, $200 where not all of them have an easy cleaning process.

Thankfully, in the Hamilton beach flex brew reviews, this coffee maker has kept cleaning simple.

Especially, when you want to brew coffee grounds, cleaning can be a hectic task. As the coffee brewer is made up of stainless steel, you can take a wet cloth, wipe the same and simply make it look clean and tidy.

Still, want it easier? Well, the coffee maker is dishwasher compatible too. Hence, you can remove the filters, wash them in dishwashers and make your work, a lot simpler.

Durability is One Strong Point

With the Hamilton Beach 49983, durability factor has been its strongest point. The entire body is made up of tough stainless steel where the coffee maker can last for years.

Also, in case of any breakage, the company offers manufacturer support for a few years. Hence, from every angle, the durability of the coffee maker is brilliant where you can use it as per your likings.

Design is Elegant

Keeping aside the technical aspects of the Hamilton Beach 49983, the design of this coffee maker is simply eyeing catchy.

Also, having the stainless steel finish, it can lift the ambiance of your kitchen to new heights. Overall, the design factor of the coffee maker is beyond expectations and every coffee lover will surely love the same.


At present, there are tons of features that make Hamilton Beach 49983 simply the best of all. Well, being convenient is yet another major highlight in this Hamilton beach flex brew reviews.

Firstly, you don’t need to manually shut down the coffee maker as it automatically cuts off the power supply. 

Also, you can adjust the cup sizes where you can use the regular mugs or taller glass, as per your preferences.


Well, Hamilton Beach 49983 can only hold around 10 ounces of coffee. For most people, this can be a smaller cup. However, if you want to brew coffee at your home, we guess size won’t be an issue.

More to it, the coffee maker cannot brew a cup and pot at the same time. This will be an issue if you want to brew pot and cup at the same time.

Wrapping Things Up

Read through the entire Hamilton beach flex brew reviews? Well, the Hamilton Beach 49983 lets you take complete advantage of the coffee brewing process.

Since, its two ways, you can brew coffee k-cups, pods and make them stunning, aromatic and most importantly delicious.

Also, the design and the looks of this coffee maker are gorgeous whereas the presence of stainless steel finish lifts the entire machine.

Finishing up with cleaning, yes the cleaning process is simple and you won’t have to keep on rubbing the coffee maker.

All in all, if you are die-hard coffee fanatic that needs a brilliant looking yet feature-packed coffee maker, we won’t be surprised if you choose the Hamilton Beach 49983 coffee maker, at any cost.


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