A Trade Show? A Consumer Show? What's the difference?

One of the first asked questions when I've spoken to exhibitors or potential customers is 

so is it a trade show? or for the consumer?

It's something that I'd never really considered when writing the first proposals for the show, obviously I know the difference, a trade show provokes thought of businessmen shuffling around with catalogues and pockets full of business cards as they visit various stands sandwiched between blue felt boards and our pitched by excitable sales staff... It just wasn't what I was trying to achieve. 

It inspired much thought, and conversation in the first few months of planning, as I talked to friends, colleagues and family about my vision and in the end I found myself repeating the following: 

The end customer is the one who calls the shots, if they want something they will track it down, if they don't like something they will go elsewhere. If they ask their local cafe where their coffee is from, if they enquire about the environmental impact of that businesses waste, if they suggest local suppliers, if they ask these questions, the business owner (should) listens.

If we can inspire individuals across the south west to demand higher standards, and seek out those who provide the best quality we will see a change. But how do we get them to do this? How do people working in completely different sectors know what they could be getting, well, we show them.  

Once we've inspired them, the trade will provide, the businesses will respond and we will see a fantastic change. 

So our show, whilst based on building new business to business relationships is focused on the most important element of the chain; the consumer, the end user, the person who pays to keep this whole machine running. 

And so we invite you, if your business has something to share with consumers, if you have a message to get across, if you have a passion to inspire and change the way this cafe culture works and drive it to something better, then join us in August, take a stand, take to the stage, be a part of this incredibly exiting movement.