A Weekend in Manchester

This weekend my wife and I packed an overnight bag and headed up to Manchester for the newly named Manchester Coffee Festival (previously Cup North). For those of you who haven't been to a coffee festival I'd thoroughly recommend it (tickets for ours can be bought here) but this isn't meant to sell tickets, but encourage everyone to submerge themselves in their passions. 

Coffee & the culture around it has been my passion for years, and with a tote bag on my shoulder and a paper band around my wrist we entered into Victoria Warehouse, from the moment you walk through the door the smell of coffee is staggering, the sound of grinders whirring, steam arms buzzing and from the distance depths you hear the unmistakeable slurps of people cupping of course. 

Then there is the baristas, the roasters, the bakers and more... the people at coffee festivals are incredible, fonts of knowledge in their field, passionate about their product, and well let's face it... it's not hard to like someone giving you coffee in exchange for a chat, an email address or a business card. 

What follows is a few days of post-festival blues - coffee style. It takes a few days to process every conversation you had their and then start emails and phone calls and those connections made in a moment become partnerships. 

We met some fantastic people in Manchester, and look forward to long friendships with all of them.