Free State Coffee's The Espresso Room: A review

On a drizzly, cold morning in search of coffee, nothing shines brighter than The Espresso Room’s glowing sign, promising a caffeine fix. And this was exactly what I was looking for.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by enthusiastic, aptly-bearded (the men) and beautiful (the ladies) staff who practically fell over themselves to help me choose the right drink (a classic flat white, if you had to know). The cosy shop was bustling with people having casual meetings or just catching up with friends. For how busy it was, the vibe was chilled and the music relaxing.

The coffee itself was seriously smooth, enough for the uninitiated to enjoy easily but the specialty coffee lovers to give their nod of approval. I noticed options for almond and other dairy alternatives so no-one would have to miss out, which is just another tick in the box!  

The array of cakes made me seriously regret my attempted healthy eating, as they all looked so delicious, and with a delish toast menu, I will definitely be returning for lunch! The décor is fun, with eclectic styling and fabulous artwork on the wall, along with the retro coffee equipment decorating the bar.

What I really loved about this place was that there was such a variety of people there, some choosing to plug in their laptops and work the afternoon away, but others stopping by for a quick coffee. Word has clearly got round that this is the place to be, and personally, with little choice of specialty coffee shops nearby, it is no surprise. 

The Espresso Room
Artwork in The Espresso Room
Machinery at The Espresso Room