Prufrock Coffee: A review

On a drizzly Tuesday morning on Leather Lane, there is no sweeter sight than Prufrock Coffee’s eye-catching open plan interior. And then I smelt the coffee.

That welcoming scent that fills the whole café is only enhanced by the super friendly staff behind the counter, who didn’t judge me in the slightest when asking for the biggest brownie they had…

Having heard stellar reviews on their Flat Whites, I ordered one for myself, and it definitely lived up to its reputation. Smooth and rich, they serve up delicious coffees from the UK Roasters Square Mile, as well as featuring some really delightful European roasters.

It’s hard to miss the calming atmosphere of Prufrock, for a central London coffee shop in a trendy part of town, it’s a rare quality to have. Sure, it gets busy at times, but for the hard working freelancer, it definitely beats the pumping music that overwhelms other coffee shops.

Because it was too early/I was full of brownie/buzzed off 3 flat whites in an hour (delete as appropriate…), I didn’t have time to sample their lovely looking menu. But knowing that smoked mackerel, corn fritters and veggie omelettes are on offer, I’m pretty sure they’ll be getting used to my face.  

So if you find yourself wandering down Leather Lane in London, do stop by and check out the gorgeous offerings from Prufrock. That is, if I haven’t eaten all the brownies… 


Prufrock Coffee Shop