The Journey Begins...

At 18 I spent some time in Italy, an experience I often look back on, I'd already been working as a barista for a couple of years so it wasn't here that my love of coffee begun, but it was here that I discovered for the first time Coffee Culture. Coffee wasn't regarded as a treat or a luxury, espresso was a way of life. Wherever you went coffee was made with love and effortlessly. It was part of their culture, history and lifestyle. I was determined to make it mine.

The Coffee Festival has been devised to share what I've spent the last decade discovering myself; the small independent roasters tucked away in garages and sheds across the south west, the larger businesses supporting and shaping the swarms of cafes, bars, restaurants and seaside serverys that feed and caffeinates the millions of tourists that visit each year, as well as to celebrate the unsung heroes of the industry from the people who make paper cups to those who take waste grounds away. 

Whilst it's a leap of faith, and into the relatively unknown, I'm confident that the South West has been calling out for an event such as this. The people who've joined me to organise and pull off this momentous task are filled with equal passion and the exhibitors who've signed up are of the highest quality. It is, and I say this without doubt, due to be a festival filled with enthusiastic and passionate people and a platform to build long lasting relationships with those that will inspire you on your own coffee journey and allow you to discover this fantastic culture for yourself. 

I look forward to seeing you there,